Some thoughts about stuff.

Who’s going to write it?

February 7, 2013, by Doug Moore

Who will write it? That’s the first question to ask before jumping into blog world. So many companies want to set one up but haven’t really thought through who exactly is going to be responsible for the content. Who will generate the ongoing SEO friendly posts necessary to make the blog relevant, compelling and effective as a marketing communications hub? Example A – Me. I set up a blog which I envisioned to be an ongoing source of information  and showcase of my latest accomplishments – but ultimately the actual accomplishing of these accomplishments became the priority. Lesson learned. Proof of what I now discuss with all clients when I hear the words – “I think we need a blog.” Like any other social media forum it takes time, resources and dedication to make it an effective tool for communicating your services.


Compassionate Eye Foundation

November 14, 2011, by Doug Moore

CEF is a volunteer organization that generates revenues in support of education, health and economic sustainability programs worldwide. Our unique funding model is not donation based. Instead, revenue is generated by royalties earned from the sale of stock images through our partner Getty Images. Essentially, every dollar put into the production of these images is leveraged 2 to 3 times. This model generates monies rather than competing for dollars that might otherwise go to other causes and organizations. In short, we are adding to the money pool, not taking from it.

Join us. Visit us. Be a part of something great.


SEO. Don’t get me started.

November 14, 2011, by Doug Moore

I now know the meaning of SEO. Scam. Not to be too harsh but does anyone really know why they are paying for SEO. Having recently done research on the topic for a client, it has become apparent to me that it’s the latest in “I just gotta have it, cause everyone else has it, and no I don’t get it, but I want it” gimmicks. Now this is not to say it does not serve a purpose in some instances, but if clients were spending more time building relationships with their existing clients and building a referral base instead of following up on a lot of lookie loos they’d be a lot better off. But it’s the game of the day. My only advice is to know why you’re doing it, who you want to attract and is it the best way to do it. Off to weave keywords into my content.


Arial my new favorite font. Who knew?

August 31, 2011, by Doug Moore

It’s amazing how many fonts there are to choose from these days. Come a long way since the system fonts on the Mac SE with whopping 9 inch monitor and no world wide web.

But has it? Thanks to html, web browsers and various platforms we are back to just a handful fonts. Bottom line, if images are turned off or not displayed, so is your communication. Which leaves you with the compromise of using a system font. In walks Arial. The go-to font. The new san serif of choice.

Perhaps I’m being a little hard core, granted there are other fonts and it is getting better, I just find it ironic that we’ve come full circle. And what’s the measurement on an iPad screen? 9 inches? Oh my bad – 9.7 inches.


Ad Club Centennial Bash

June 3, 2011, by Doug Moore

Saw a lot of old faces. Literally. Kidding aside, the San Diego Ad Community is a quirky thing. We want so much to be a big city ad hub, unfortunately there just isn’t the client base or the need for anyone outside San Diego to look all the way down here for ad help. But who knows, maybe that will change and we won’t have to keep giving away awards for local beer pub campaigns or to anyone who just got lucky enough to get a budget. Cynical this may be, but that’s why we have blogs. Carry on San Diego Ad Club, at least we are throwing better parties.


Transitioning out of a big agency.

June 2, 2011, by Doug Moore

So the big agency mentality doesn’t work for everyone. What’s been interesting about dropping out of that environment and back into the freelance/consulting world is that advertising as a whole has changed. Big agency mentality and work systems are being challenged. With the recent economic melt down it seems clients are getting more savvy at trimming the fat. And in turn, one must learn to operate lean and mean. Welcome the virtual agency. The “sure we can do that” agency. A “we only need a few days and a couple K and we’ll get ‘er done,” coffee shop agency. Kinda fun. Not sure what I would do with a real budget anymore.


Diving into the non-profit world.

June 1, 2011, by admin

Well, who knew working for a non-profit was like herding cats. Not I. As the newly appointed Communications Chair of Compassionate Eye Foundation, I am learning to wrangle with the best of them. A foundation my friend Robert Kent started six years ago, it has proven to be a great experience in keeping a lid on controlled chaos. Lots of volunteers, numerous needs, and the many challenges are making it a growing and maturing process. The fun will come as we see the fruits of our efforts.