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SEO. Don’t get me started.

November 14, 2011, by Doug Moore

I now know the meaning of SEO. Scam. Not to be too harsh but does anyone really know why they are paying for SEO. Having recently done research on the topic for a client, it has become apparent to me that it’s the latest in “I just gotta have it, cause everyone else has it, and no I don’t get it, but I want it” gimmicks. Now this is not to say it does not serve a purpose in some instances, but if clients were spending more time building relationships with their existing clients and building a referral base instead of following up on a lot of lookie loos they’d be a lot better off. But it’s the game of the day. My only advice is to know why you’re doing it, who you want to attract and is it the best way to do it. Off to weave keywords into my content.


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