Monthly Archives: June 2011

Ad Club Centennial Bash

Saw a lot of old faces. Literally. Kidding aside, the San Diego Ad Community is a quirky thing. We want so much to be a big city ad hub, unfortunately there just isn’t the client base or the need for anyone outside San Diego to look all the way down here for ad help. But [...]

Transitioning out of a big agency.

So the big agency mentality doesn’t work for everyone. What’s been interesting about dropping out of that environment and back into the freelance/consulting world is that advertising as a whole has changed. Big agency mentality and work systems are being challenged. With the recent economic melt down it seems clients are getting more savvy at [...]

Diving into the non-profit world.

Well, who knew working for a non-profit was like herding cats. Not I. As the newly appointed Communications Chair of Compassionate Eye Foundation, I am learning to wrangle with the best of them. A foundation my friend Robert Kent started six years ago, it has proven to be a great experience in keeping a lid [...]